Not just customer focused,
customer-success focused.

From the first time you experience our customer-centered culture, you’ll understand the difference. It goes far beyond a concept, it’s a mind-set instilled in every employee and evident in how we work.

Relationships — the only thing we build that outlasts our equipment.

Long-lasting business relationships are built on trust, and trust is earned by consistently delivering on commitments; commitments to quality, reliability, performance, and most of all complete customer satisfaction... whatever it takes.

Let’s make your next
project “PEC perfect”.

Our essential components for predictable success are distilled from
decades of practical, real-world experience in diverse industries.


The most important factor to any project going smoothly, and to ensure great results, is clear communication from beginning to end. Beginning with your well defined goals and expectations, and continuing throughout the project to align resources on both sides and manage a well coordinated execution.


A systematic approach to align resources on both sides, coordinate activities, and manage the efficient execution of a strategic plan. is the key to meeting your expectations and achieving critical project or business goals. Our methodology focuses on delivering the best results in the shortest time possible.


Unfortunately, the significance of teamwork has been exploited and diluted by companies who don’t truly practice it. As a PEC client, you will understand the value of real teamwork; our collaborative approach to solving problems means working side-by-side with your team to ensure success for everyone.


At PEC, we recognize that our integrity is the most valuable attribute of our company, the core of our identity, and key to our success. We embrace honesty, openness, professional behavior, and conducting business ethically, regardless of circumstances. We know it’s the only way to earn your trust and respect.

Our service experts can respond immediately to your emergency.

Use the service request link at the top of any page,
or call 770.487.1413 to speak with a team member.

We’re easy to work with.

Whether you have an immediate need for a challenging project, or you’re looking for ongoing maintenance, why not drop us a line and talk about it?.

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