More than solutions experts,
we’re problem solvers.

With production schedules to meet and employees to supervise, there’s no time to manage extra projects. You need a reliable contractor to get the job right the first time — whatever it takes.

Get the PEC story
in under 2 minutes.

Get the PEC story
in under 2 minutes.

The best people.

At PEC, people are the true heart of our company. We invest in finding and retaining the best, most highly skilled talent our industry has to offer. Our employees – millwrights, maintenance technicians, welders – take pride in their work, and that pride shows in our product and service excellence.


The best process.

Process optimization is the second half of our success strategy. With the industry’s top talent and resources on-hand, we’re able to respond to any request with the right experts at just the right time. Your project is finished sooner and within budget, and you’re back to operating at peak performance.

The pros with hands-on expertise, plus the resources on-hand to execute.

For plant and maintenance managers whose expectations of safety, quality, and reliability exceed the typical industry standards, we exist for you.


We draw from three decades of problem-solving, process-improving expertise, to build equipment renown for innovative design and quality craftsmanship.

Millwright & Rigging

Our talented team includes mechanical, electrical, technical, and engineering experts, plus skilled industry tradesmen to ensure your project is “worry-free”.


Whether your need daily maintenance, capital improvements, or a major plant renovation, we have multi-disciplined teams to provide the right solution.

Electrical & Controls

Our controls experience spans diverse technologies, industries and production environments. We offer turnkey services to deliver peak productivity.

Project Management

When it comes to large scale or complex projects, our experience ensures you’re project is completed withing budget, and you’re up and operating on time .

Unmatched service flexibility and customer care.

Our exceptional level of service is not a result of having more people, but rather having the right people; an ever-growing team of professionals committed to delivering a great customer experience — it’s the core of our business.

We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work solving your challenge.

There is no project too large or small, we’re committed to delivering our best, because they each contribute to your success.

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