Designed to perform
and built to last.


PEC provides the design and engineering support, fabricators, and senior machinists to collaborate with clients on prototyping and precision fabrication of industrial and process equipment and parts. Our experts create your vision in PEC’s 30,000 square-foot machine shop equipped for customization of piping, sheet metal, stainless and carbon steel, and more.

Potential Applications:

  • Custom proprietary equipment
  • Square-to-round sheet metal conversion
  • Specialty metal welding
  • Process piping, steam and water piping
  • Precision parts production

The PEC-plus:

  • Rigorous quality standards and processes
  • FDA food grade equipment and piping
  • Steel group specific production work-flows
  • AWS certified welders; TIG, MIG, and Stick
  • Precision parts produced to exact specifications